Spectre Darkburst M-IV


Basic Information
Manufacturer Harbitros North Engineering
Type Stealth aircraft, minijet
Production 1980-2080
Number built Unknown; at least 200 (by 2080)
Speed est. 2,150 knots (top speed)

The Spectre Darkburst M-IV, also known as the SD Mark 4, is a miniature jet that was designed by the Harbian Eclipse Agency and manufactured by Harbitros North Engineering for stealth purposes. The only known entity to use and operate Spectre Darkbursts is the Harbian Eclipse Agency -- and is used by field operatives. It is designed to move at incredibly fast speeds, and is also designed to bypass radar signatures. Agents within a Darkburst usually eject themselves once within the proximity of their rendevouz point, so that the minijet may crash and destroy a trail back to the HEA. However, it is also able to land if need be. The Spectre Darkburst M-IV also is equipped with a self-detonation feature, if agents are forced with the dilemma of keeping their presence strictly confidential. 

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