The Strebor files, also known as the Backworld files and the Backworld documents (popularized by the Harbian mainstream media), are a series of files and documents declassified by Fiscal Patriarch Strebor Ekaj shortly before his disappearance. However, he ordered that the files would slowly be released to the public over a specified amount of years. The files, themselves, reveal information on a great assortment of controversial and mysterious subjects, such as Soviette experiments in the Cold War, the existence of certain cryptids, and various other conspiracies.

Date Released Subject Files
Solmonath XV, 2076 Celles des Feuilles Project "Project Celles des Feuilles" (107 pages), "Soviette Bio-engineering experiment, 1991" (56 pages), "Eclipse Archive: Soviette Index: Experiments, Files 339 to 385" (52 pages)
Penulber XV, 2078 Winsch Thunderbird "Eclipse Archive: Cryptozoology Index: Gigapitridae avaricus, Files 1 to 97" (152 pages), Discovery of the Winsch Thunderbird (25 pages)
Wintraend XV, 2078 Yeti "Evidence of the Yeti: A Compendium" (168 pages), "Eclipse Archive: Cryptozoology Index: Homo villosus, Files 86 to 182" (129 pages), "H. v. boreus" (56 pages), many other documents
Threshannual XV, 2079 Sasquatch "Eclipse Archive: Cryptozoology Index: Homo villosus, Files 1 to 85" (97 pages), "Bigfoot Files" (76 pages), "H. v. lucus" (41 pages), many other documents
Penulber XV, 2082 Fantome Malice, Part I "Eclipse Archive: Fantome Files: "Fantome Malice File', 'Subject: The Austral Oil Array Incident', 'Operation Terminus Fantome'" (26 pages)
Sepreindus XV, 2083 Experiment 422 "Eclipse Archive: Machinam Index: Experiments, Files 26 to 41" (42 pages), "Experiment 422: Supersoldier SB-SD-0008" (34 pages)
Junith XV, 2085 Dragon "Eclipse Archive: Cryptozoology Index: Draconus, Files 1 to 350" (472 pages), "Dragon Palaeontology" (244 pages), "Dragon Records" (187 pages), Dinosaurs Lost to Time (27 pages), many other documents
Aeostril XV, 2088 Avarician Voltaic Field "Eclipse Archive: Avarice Phenomena Index: Avarician Voltaic Field, Files 1 to 128" (156 pages)
Hallowtempora XV, 2090 Human Souls "Eclipse Archive: Paranormal Index: The Human Soul, Files 1 to 66" (108 pages), Libro de Anima (237 pages), "In Regards to the Human Soul" (75 pages), many other documents

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