Suchaz Flag

Political Information
Classification Federal one-party authoritarian electocracy
Currency Suchine Ruble
Demonym Suchese
National Animal Penguin
National Language(s) Suchese
Capital City Fha Izeo
Largest City Fha Izeo
Leader Reuben Kale
GDP $883.88 billion (as of 2085)
National Religion Zhra Beilu
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca
Borders N/A
Oceanic coasts Antossic Divide, Frofem Abyss
Biomes Grassland, forest, mountains, ice cap
Population 153 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "The warmest hearts are found in the coldest lands."
Time zone (UTC-2 to -3)
Calling Code  +560
Member of Atonement of Harmony

The Dominion of Suchaz is a Baeccan country located near the coast of Antossa. Its climate is one of the coldest on Junope. The government and people of Suchaz are traditionalist to the point of placing their culture and customs above liberty, economy, and politics. 

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