Invasion of Meristeppe

Suchaz Crisis





  • Decisive Suchese defeat
  • Large coastal cities and inland areas of Meristeppe temporarily seized by Suchaz
  • Geopolitical tensions rise between Suchaz and its neighbours
  • Hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties
  • Suchaz is pushed out of Meristeppe by Cesieteos, Domi Concordia, and Harbitros

Dominion of Suchaz

Meristeppe Nations Invaded

  • Athorma
  • Caesus
  • Darza
  • Kasta
  • Libertas
  • Moira
  • Mornam
  • Qascua


  • Cesieteos
  • Harbitros
  • Domi Concordia

Reuben Kale

  • Jay Meyers
  • Frank Voy
  • Cade Edston
  • Gregua Kuna
  • Candice Zieugeyma
  • Icilia Vopiscus
  • Susan Viza
  • Matthew Deyelles

Grand Military of Suchaz

  • est. 1.9 million infantrymen
  • est. 210 tanks
  • est. 13,250 various avian vehicles
  • est. 430 war vessels

Arthomese Armed Forces

  • 120,000 infantrymen
  • 140 tanks
  • 225 aircraft
  • 66 war vessels

Caesan Armed Forces

  • est 137,380 infantrymen
  • 201 tanks
  • 20 perdial voxi
  • 500 aircraft
  • 102 war vessels

Darzan Military

  • 15,000 infantrymen
  • est. 35 tanks
  • est. 80 aircraft
  • 1 war vessel

Kastan Military

  • 79,391 infantrymen
  • est. 120 tanks
  • est. 500 aircraft
  • 79 war vessels

Libertan Military

  • est. 80,000 infantrymen
  • est. 120 tanks
  • 45 perdial voxi
  • est. 650 aircraft
  • 106 war vessels

Moirese Forces

  • 179,929 infantrymen
  • 87 tanks
  • est. 80 aircraft
  • 65 war vessels

Mornamese Military

  • est. 20,050 infantrymen
  • 150 tanks
  • 10 perdial voxi
  • 350 aircraft
  • 10 war vessels

Cesieteos Military

  • est. 9,000 infantrymen
  • 25 tanks
  • 50 perdial voxi
  • 153 aircraft
  • 3 war vessels


  • est. 13,500 mercenaries

Domi Concordia

  • 23,460 infantrymen
  • est. 75 tanks
  • 100 perdial voxi
  • est. 300 aircraft
  • 3 war vessels

est. 712,290

est. 2.1 million (mostly civilians)

 The Suchaz Invasion of Meristeppe, also known as the Suchaz Campaign for Expansion, was a major conflict between the militarized Dominion of Suchaz and the coastal nations of Meristeppe. Upon Suchaz's initiation of the invasion of Meristeppe, the Suchaz Crisis began -- which is the overall conflict revolving around the militarization of Suchaz. 


Prior to the Suchaz Invasion of Meristeppe, Suchaz's leader, Reuben Kale, had secretly been building up a highly powerful military as the economy of Suchaz began to heal, along with its society. He had been planning for the military's reconstruction since replacing Eulas Krarev as Eminent Curator of Suchaz.

The War


Cesian soldiers stationed in northcentral Kasta, awaiting Suchese forces

On Sepreindus VIII, 2060, unknown aircraft and militarized sea vessels appeared at the Caesan coastal city of Brasten. Upon a battle put up by law enforcement, armed citizens, and local military, the invading forces overpowered the city. Shortly thereafter, the Dominion of Suchaz's flag was raised above. The following day, the Communist State of Darza declared it was under full invasion. Due to the reparations and restrictions put on the nation after the War Against Darza, the nation was stripped of its military prowess and power -- and thus was fully vulnerable to Suchaz's invasion.

Throughout the month of Sepreindus, more of Caesus fell under the control of Suchaz -- though its military and citizens heavily resisted. On Sepreindus XXI, Libertas also under invasion. By early Hallowtempora, Kasta and Moira were fighting off Suchese militants. Qascua faced invasion beginning on Hallowtempora XIII. By this point, most of Meristeppe had been thrown into sheer chaos, and due to this, the nation of Cesieteos offered small military support for Qascua, Moira, and Kasta. As the Suchese invasion force only became more prevalent, Legionnaire mercenaries had become contracted en masse by the Meristeppic nations.

From the months of Hallowtempora to Threshannual of the new year, Suchaz and its opponents waged war against one another. Darza had completely fallen to Suchaz. Also during this time, Suchaz had successfully entered the distraught nation of Vadrea, but was met with strong opposition by large criminal eminence grises. Domi Concordia's leader Alexander Dunwall sent a battalion to aid in pushing Suchaz out, as they had come close to entering Concordian territory. 

In the early months of 2061, Suchaz also attempted to seize several small islands in Harbian territory. This resulted in severe backlash against the Dominion. At this point, Reuben Kale's grip on Meristeppe had slipped and remaining Suchese forces were in full retreat. Their failure to successfully conquer Meristeppe would quickly lead to a counter-invasion of their own nation in following weeks.

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