Sully Varmint
Sully Varmint
Date of birth Baey IV, 1939
Date of death Penulber XXI, 1992
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette
Place of residence Wynden, Eulumia
Occupation(s) Marshall of the Soviette Republics
Religion Atheist
Gender Female
Race Larusian
Height 1.74 meters
Handedness Left-handed
 Sully Varmint is a former general of the United Soviette Republics, she chiefly oversaw the annexations of Machinam, the Campaigns in Aphrostan, and the second Drushian War. She was charged with human rights violations and found guilty in Versienna, Eulumia, and sentenced to death. She was executed in 1992, alongside other Soviettes.

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