Tally Perssona
Tally Perssona
Date of birth Aeostril I, 2002
Date of death Wintraend XI, 2084
Nationality Zeiifunder Zeiifundite
Family Mishral Perssona (Aunt)
Place of residence Geneva, Zeiifunder
Occupation(s) King of Zeiifunder, formerly a videogame developer
Yearly income est. $1.5 million
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.56 meters
Hair colour Brown
Handedness Right-handed

Tally Perssona was the King of Zeiifunder and a retired video game creator. Before becoming Zeiifunder's new leader in 2034, he had made many well-known games, including QuarryForge. However, he retired in 2027 after selling the rights to his company to a Harbian videogame company for 3.2 billion dollars. From 2027 until 2033, Perssona lived an extremely extravagent lifestyle, as he foolishly spent his money. He became newly broke. Fate, however, played in his favour, and he became next in line for throne -- after his aunt, Queen Mishral Perssona, passed away whilst on throne. Due to the inheritance system in Zeiifunder, as well as the Perssona bloodline, Tally was rendered the successor. 

By 2039, Perssona began pushing for increasingly libertine policies in the Kingdom of Zeiifunder. This eventually led to the temporary state of anarchy in the nation, and its subsequent takeover by the Tullic extremist group The True Rootage. After Eulumia and New Vaeulia ousted the cult from power, they forced Tally Perssona to abide by a new governing document -- preventing him from liberating his nation of all legal constraints. In 2084, Tally Perssona died of a heart attack. His nephew then became the new King of Zeiifunder.

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