Telcasa Flag1

Political Information
Classification Parliamentary republic
Currency IU Banknote & Coinage
Demonym Telcasan
National Animal Eagle
National Language(s) Nerese, Sulistuese
Capital City Daste
Largest City Fergus
Leader Sesil Sarraton
National Religion Dar Kaisity
Geographical Description
Horizontal width 227.88 km
Vertical length 484.95 km
Total area 77,954.4 sq. km
Continent Isteroxe
Borders Azuquista, Cicelia, Diloria, Nirus
Oceanic coasts Atonic Ocean
Biomes Mountains, forest, grassland
Population c. 22 million as of 2085
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Under the Myrth of Shah-Ha!"
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC+7)
Calling code +261
Member of

Atonement of Harmony

Telcasa is a well-sized nation located in southern Isteroxe, specifically as the westernmost state in the Tetrad States. The Parliamentary Republic of Telcasa and its denizens has faced harsh onslaught and belligerence by its contiguous neighbours of Nirus and Cicelia, due to the former and latter despising the ethnic Telcasans. In the mid-1990s, Nirus and Cicelia repeatedly attacked Telcasa, though they were small firefights with little repercussion. However, in 2000, Nirus and Cicelia began to commit genocide on ethnic Telcasans, first in their own nations. In 2002, the nations then began to invade Telcasa and forcibly take citizens from their homes. In retaliation, the Isteroxean Union and the Atonement of Harmony took action and in early 2003 waged war against Nirus and Cicelia, thus sparking the Telcasan War.

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