The Astral Belt AM


General Information
Genre Talk radio
Running time 180 minutes
Country Harbitros, Domi Concordia, Gecko, Mishkah, Isteroxean Union, Espinthela, Lerania, Frenoire, Lishta Azia, Vorennta, New Vaeulia, Zeiifunder
Syndicates CYB Radio (via Cyblink Global)
Host(s) Mike Strain, Ike Osgood (Occasional co-host; substitute)
Announcer Sunny Hedwick
Creator(s) Howard Creed
Created 2035
Air dates All weekdays and Lorsait, at 1 AM to 4 AM CST

The Astral Belt AM, formerly Sea to Sea PM, is a Harbian radio show created and hosted by Howard Creed. It was created in 2035 and was picked up by CYB Radio in 2039 as one of its regularly scheduled programming. The radio show focuses on topics that usually deal with the supernatural or paranormal, such as cryptzoology, quantum physics, religion, extraterrestrials, metaphysics, and pseudosciences -- but also focuses on conspiracy theories and new technologies. 

In 2070, Howard Creed announced his retirement and was succeeded by Mike Strain. 

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