The Lunar Blood Fest

Blood moon transparent

Basic Information
Date From Wintraend XVII to Wintraend XXVIII, 2039
Location El Tempus, Harbitros



•Music Concerts

•Expositions & Lectures

The Lunar Blood Fest of 2039 was a large group of festivals in Harbitros that celebrated the Time of Blood Moons -- a few days in which the Moon appears to be red. Individuals from all over Junope, including many national leaders and celebrities, traveled to attend the festival. Each festival starts as Harbian Evening begins, and ends at the break of dawn. The Time of the Moons lasted eleven days, and during those eleven days several musical concerts, lectures and speeches, and activies took place -- including a concert by the world-famous Harbian folk rock band Holmford and Heirs.

Blood Moon3

The Blood Moon over the Harbian Sea