Mavurik Star2

Organizational Information


•Emporon Order





Official Language(s) •Mor Friivish


Deities Mavurik
Holy text(s) Modex Writte, Libros ex Heremita
Historical Information
Date of Founding c. 120
Continent of Founding Baecca

Theoavarism is a monotheistic religion based around the writings and contents of Modex Writte, an ancient holy book written by prototheoavarists sometime in the first century. The religion's belief system is based on the value of the human individual, and the struggle of finding self-worth and true worth. The innate value of human life, individuality, and free will are endowed by the Creator of the Universe, an omnipotent deity named Mavurik (also commonly referred to as God). The philosophy of capitalism originated from the principles and teachings of Theoavarism, as currency and economics developed through the First Millennium and into the Middle Ages.