Theresa Vargerette
Date of birth Aeostril I, 1874
Date of death Wintraend VI, 1935
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette
Place of residence Constellium, United Soviette Republics
Occupation(s) Chairman of the United Soviette Republics
Religion Atheist
Gender Female
Race Larusian
Height 1.68 meters
Handedness Right-handed

Theresa Vargerette was born in Verall. She grew up disliking the established Eularbian hierarchy -- thoughts instilled in her by her parents. As a young adult she joined the Verallian Equalist Party, which was not very large at the time. She soon rose through the ranks and renamed it the Communist party once she had reached the top. Glorifying the Communist Party, it quickly gained steam and popularity in both Eulumia and Verall. Theresa was asked by the Eulumian Communist Party members to be the head of their party for all of her effort and work, she gladly accepted.

Soon gaining access to many Provincial Parliaments in Eulumia, Theresa had gained much power. Within a matter of years, she became the new Chancellor of Eulumia, thus making it a communist state, directly leading to the Eularbian Split in 1919. Not caring for the loss of Eularbia, Vargerette massively militarized Eulumia and annexed neighboring nations of Verall and Esamarga, establishing the communist state of Soviette Eulumia. Even with a larger Eulumia, Theresa's quench for expansion stirred within, and she set out to create a group of unified, communist republics.

Soviette Eulumia waged war on Cereus, Roulasvia, Kharut, and the Virago States during the War for Soviette Succession. After defeating and annexing all of these countries, the United Soviette Republics was officially founded.

Theresa ended her rule in 1935 due to heart attack which resulted in her untimely death. Her body was preserved in the Soviette Memorium of Grandeur in Constellium, Eulumia. She was succeeded by her old friend, Victor Strantin.

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