Tierra del Sador

Tierra del Sador flag

Political Information
Classification Unitary autocracy
Currency Harbian Credit, IU Banknote
Demonym Sadoran
National Animal Sadorian Motley Flamingo
National Language(s)

•Larush (Primary)

•Mor Friivish (Secondary)

Capital City Luz Orilla
Largest City Bano de Sol
Leader El Cabeza Jack Curtis
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Horizontal width 54.86 km
Vertical length 109.8 km
Total area 3,013.2 sq. km
Continent Isteroxe
Oceanic coasts Dracohr Ocean
Population c. 8.35 million as of 2085
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Maravillosos paisajes atraer cantidades abundantes."
Drives on the Right
Time zone (UTC+5)
Calling code +200
Member of

•Atonement of Harmony

•Capitalist Sanction

Tierra del Sador is a miniscule nation founded by Aetern Vivandez in 1952 after he and a group of several hundred other Capitalists forcefully seceded from Communist Eulumia, claiming Isla Sador -- and island off the eastern coast of Eulumia -- as their new nation. Aetern Vivandez declared himself leader and stayed in power until he died. His son, Mortun Vivandez, then took his place.