To Catch a Ghost


Basic Information
Genre Paranormal, reality television
Created by Jasper Alistair
Country of origin Harbitros
Original language(s) Mor Friivish
No. of seasons 30 seasons
No. of episodes 600 episodes + 28 specials
Running time 46 minutes (105 minutes for most specials; 175 minutes for series finale)
Production company(s) Alistair Paravision
Locations Harbitros (291 episodes, 13 specials, series finale)

Eulumia (113 episodes, 4 specials)

Verall (42 episodes, 1 special)

New Vaeulia (34 episodes, 1 special)

Espinthela (28 episodes, 1 special)

Cereus (15 episodes)

Domi Concordia (14 episodes, 2 specials)

Azuquista (12 episodes, 1 special)

Thekotah (6 episodes)

Bellaluna (6 episodes)

San Locura (5 episodes, 1 special)

Khrysm City (2 specials)

Zeiifunder (1 special)

Various other places (34 episodes)

Original channel Wild Card Network
Picture format

2160p (2016-2021)

4320p (2022-2031)

8640p (2031-2036)

17,280p (2043-2052)

Original run Hallowtempora XXVIII, 2016 – 2052

To Catch a Ghost is a Harbian paranormal reality television series that focuses on investigating supposed haunted locations and specifically trying to search for active spirits. The series is the longest running ghost investigation reality television series to run on television -- though it was on hiatus from 2036 to 2043, due to dropping ratings. The series was rejuvenated, however, and has completed several seasons since the end of its hiatus. In 2052, however, the series finally ended with a week-long event, airing a new, two-hour long special every day until the three-hour long series finale.

To Catch a Ghost is also one of the most diverse Harbian reality television series, due to the amount of locations across Junope episodes have taken place in, as the crew commonly visits Isteroxe for its extremely high rate of ghost sightings. 

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