Toby Everson
Date of birth Junith XXVIII, 2046
Nationality Alt Harbitros Flag2 Harbian
Family Rudy Everson (Father)
Jezebel Everson (Mother)
Place of residence El Tempus, Harbitros
Las Esperanza, Pasoloca, Harbitros
Occupation(s) Fiscal Patriarch of Harbitros, Founder and President of Omniverge Multinational, President of Arc, Project Prismbeam physicist
Yearly income est. $95.9 billion (as of 2120)
Religion Theoavarism
Gender Male
Race Friivian
Height 1.92 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Left-handed
Modifications Mechanical augmentations
Cybernetic prosthetic arms

Life extension therapy

Tobias Everson, known by friends and colleagues as Toby, was a physicist who worked on Project Prismbeam and the founder and president of Omniverge Multinational. He graduated from the Clansdel Institute of Science with one of the highest GPAs out of his class, and thus attracted the attention of the Harbian Eclipse Agency. Due to his major being quantum physics, and him retaining a minor in optronics as well as robotics, the HEA offered Toby a position to work on Project Prismbeam to further laser technology and plasmafusion. In 2070 -- a year after beginning his occupation at Project Prismbeam, Toby founded his own state-of-the-art technologies company -- Omniverge Multinational. As innovation was being made almost every week in the field of nanotechnology, Toby saw an irresistable opportunity to enter the market. 

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