Bell Toll

Basic Information
Type Multinational corporation
Industry Financial services
Founded 1949
Founder Fletcher Camerlon
Headquarters Raleigh, Arcadia, Harbitros
Area served Mainly Harbitros, various other countries
Key individuals

•James Hischer (President)

•Madaline Graus (CEO)

Products credit cards, debit cards, payment systems
Revenue c. $293.2 billion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 32,182 (as of 2085)

Toll, Inc., originally named Bell Toll Services, is a multinational financial services corporation founded and based in Harbitros. It was one of the first companies to pioneer the industry of credit payments, and quickly became a wild success. In 1955, Gecko became the second country to use Bell Toll Services' financial services, as they had purchased their independence from the Corporatocracy to found their own nation.

In 1959, Domi Concordia became the third nation to accept Bell Toll Services -- as an alliance between Harbitros and the aforementioned through the unity of the Capitalist Sanction. Several more Baeccan countries, such as San Locura and Vorennta, also welcomed the company. In the 1970s, Bell Toll Services officially changed its name to Toll Incorporated.

When communism fell across the world and soon thereafter the Isteroxian Union was founded, Toll was accepted a viable method of paying and distributing currency within all membering nations of the organization. 

Toll Gold Card

A Toll Gold Card

Toll Incorporated offers two types of payment cards -- credit and debit. The former allows customers to purchase things based on credit, whereas the latter limits users to only spend what is within their account at that moment. Of these types of cards, there are tiers of quality and authority. The tiers are the same for both card types, and they appear similarly as well. The lowest card tier is the Toll Standard, followed by: Toll Commerce, Toll Elite, Toll Bronze, and Toll Silver. The payment card most revered as the "highest-end" and "luxurious" is the Toll Gold Card, which is regularly used by millionaires and billionaires. Certain individuals not in these ranges of personal revenue have also seldom retained this type of card.

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