Totatsili's Insurrection (also known as the First Crualian Civil War, Totatsili's Revolution, and the 2014 Coup D'etat of Cruale) was a large scale war between the military of Cruale and General Lorenzo Del Totatsili, whom wanted to seize control of the nation for himself.

Totatsili's Insurrection

Civil Unrest in Cruale





  • Lorenzo Del Totatsili usurps power as leader of Cruale
  • The leaders of the old government are either executed or imprisoned
  • Thousands are killed or wounded

Republic of Cruale

Totatsili's Coup

  • Caprenco Fragesso
  • Sindi Arston
  • Lorenzo Del Totatsili

Crualian Military

  • est. 190,000 infantrymen
  • est. 80 tanks
  • est. 140 aircraft
  • 12 war vessels

Totatsili's Militia

  • est. 62,190 infantrymen
  • est. 87 tanks
  • 182 aircraft
  • 7 war vessels

est. 53,000 (c. 24% being innocent casualties)



The Republic of Cruale went into a economic recession in 2011, which caused several parts of the small islandic nation to become unstable and unhappy towards the government. Acknowledging these pretenses and feelings by the Crualian populace, General Lorenzo Del Totatsili planned for a coup d'etat to overtake the republic, and in the grace of the people. 

The War

On Junith II, 2014, Lorenzo Del Totatsili ordered a small regiment of his subordinates to storm a coastal city -- shortly after being ordered by the Military's Head Command to send a patrol fleet to the aforementioned location. The Siege of Sabuvem quickly alerted the Crualian military forces of Totatsili's treachery, and soon a battle erupted trying to free the oppressed city of the general's grip. The counterattack, however, failed, and Sabuvem was the first to fall to the coup's influence.


A small instance of the Crualian Powder Keg, in 2015

Through the second half of 2014 and the first half of 2015, Totatsili's might and influence expanded across communities. However, on Sepreindus XXI, 2015, a massive battle broke out in the skies, when a militia sky convoy was intercepted and utterly destroyed by military jets. The central state of Carves Sema became an active warzone, filled with dogfights and blazing grasslands.  The massive series of battles and skirmishes fought throughout late Sepreindus unto early Hallowtempora later became known as Crualian Powder Keg. 

The majority of 2016 and 2017 was laced with small battles, which were rendered as victories mostly by Totatsili's side. However, the damning battle occurred from Brezniik XXVII to Baey VII, 2017 -- in which General Lorenzo Del Totatsili and the bulk of his determined forces sieged Madribell, the capital city. The siege was long, and a large percentage of Totatsili's men died during the Invasion of Madribell. After the capital was successfully captured, Totatsili announced himself the new leader of the Republic of Cruale. Small skirmishes and battles between the remnants of the depleting military forces against the superior militia followed, which eventually subsided into mid-2018. 

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