Terrorist army flag

General Information
Founded Baey XIX, 2002 (as Eshe-Shar Di'Qa)
Headquarters Vinerua
Motto "Harrowing in the wake of Mother."
Ideologies Tullism, Chloryon Dehasism, Tullist communism

•Stateless military

•Self-declared Tullist empire

•Recalcitrance movement


Cadarus, Alberya, Darresht, Qafir, Yappul, Shajaratan, Northern Askersia, Eastern Askersia, Southern Askersia, Oreypt, Aphrostan (mainly the Aphrostan Islands)

Budget c. $5.8 biillion (by 2045)

•Salaf Unze (2002-2018)

•Ilahad the Reaper (2019-2024)

•Lennessod the Cultivator (2025-2034)

•Hortisa Arniga (2034-2046)

•Vigrai Tussa (2046-2051)

Field Commander

•Dardarp Sreka (2006-2019)

•Morstai (2019-2032)

•Zellierde Unnusa (2034-2035)

•Ernsan Arade (2035-2040)

•Rynnul Bagduly (2041-2052)

Active personnel est. 741,000975,300 (by 2045)

•Cadarian Insurgency (2004-2007)

•Global War on Terror (2009-2054)

•Mother's Rootage War (2010-2012)

•Civil War of Cadarus (2011-2015)

•Spillover of the Cadarian Civil War (2015-2018)

•The War in Southern Askersia (2009-2019)

•Yappul-Sebad War (2014-2024)

•Repherskan Insurgency (2018-2023)

•Invasion of Yappul (2019-2020)

•Tullic Wars in Aphrostan (2025-2031)

•Sebadi War (2028-2035)

•Cadarian Upheaval (2040-2052)

•Askerskan Insurrection (2041-2053)

•Oreyptian Civil War (2042-2051)

•Mother's War in Aphrostan (2044-2051)

The Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte (abbreviated as TECA) is a large-scale Tullist terrorist organization bent on conquering Cadarus and the nations of the Adonte (southern Azium). It was originally founded in 2002 as Eshe-Shar Di'Qa, a petty Tullist terrorist group that operated in Cadarus. In 2004, it caused commotion in Cadarus by staging a nation-wide insurgency for three years, but ultimately failed. After the Dolor Friday Attacks in 2008, however, Eshe-Shar Di'Qa was inspired to return to terrorism and so it joined with Varr-Iskad, the terrorist organization that carried out the Dolor Friday Attacks. In 2010, a year after the Atonement of Harmony and the Corporatocracy of Harbitros initiated the Global War on Terror, a large number of terrorist zealots waged war across Aphrostan, which later came to be known as the Mother's Rootage War. The group expanded over the next few years, but separated from Varr-Iskad in 2014, when it came to be known as TECA.