Tullic Takeover of Zeiifunder

Global War on Terror





  • The True Rootage temporarily takes control of Zeiifunder
  • The Atonement of Harmony forcibly ejects the True Rootage out of Zeiifunder
  • Zeiifunder transcends anarchy

The True Rootage

Atonement of Harmony (later on)

  • Eulumia
  • New Vaeulia
  • Arknos
  • Iskras
  • Tunak
  • Bor Rym
  • The Rooting Hand
  • Katherine Elouise
  • Paum Frans

The True Rootage

  • est. 75 members
  • est. 500 supporters

AoH Peacekeeping

  • 3,500 infantrymen
  • 10 various avian vehicles
  • 2 battleships

est. 450


The Tullic Takeover of Zeiifunder was a nonviolent coup against the Kingdom of Zeiifunder by the Tullic cult known as the True Rootage.

The Event

Several months after Zeiifunder had entered full-fledged anarchy, the True Rootage took control of the defunct capital building of Zeiifunder, institutiong a Tullic theocracy, though almost no one paid any attention, and thus there was no initial conflict. However, Eulumia and New Vaeulia led a campaign backed by the Atonement of Harmony to forcibly remove the True Rootage from power in Zeiifunder. A month after the True Rootage's rooting, two Eulumian battleships began firing upon the capital building from offshore, instantly killing several of the True Rootage's leaders and senior members. Airborne vehicles carried out precisioned strikes against Tullists, and squadrons of Eulumian and Vaeulian soldiers hunted down supporters and members of the Tullists. After a week of action, the True Rootage was effectively ejected from power and with the aid of the Atonement of Harmony, a new constitutional document was ratified and the Kingdom of Zeiifunder was reinstated, thus effectively ending the reign of anarchy.

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