Violetism Symbol

Organizational Information
Title of Leader Gatlezte
Sects •Cult of the Tulia

•The True Rootage

Official Language(s) Shudenese
Affiliated Organizations

•Hassock Empire

•Nassi-Hassock Empire

•National Socialist Covenant of Azium

•The True Rootage


•Tullic Empire of Cadarus and the Adonte

Deities Tulia
Holy text(s) Mother's Lullabies
Historical Information
Date of Founding c. 690
Continent of Founding Azium

Tullism is the most mainstream religion on the continent of Azium. It was established around 690, and is the reason for the formation of the Hassock Empire. In modern times, however, Tullism is responsible for the Global War on Terror -- as it began with Tullists committing an atrocious terrorist attack in Raleigh, Harbitros. Soon thereafter, Azium became rife with Tullic terrorists -- including Varr-Iskad and TECA.

The center of Tullism is the Azian flower goddess Tulia -- a deity described in Tullism's holy text as being humanlike, but with thorny tendrils and "a maw that is fertilized by the lifeblood of man." The religion, itself, expresses a nihilistic worldview for the world and condones human sacrifice to "mother".