Aphrostan Tutu Flag

Political Information
Classification Elective monarchy
Currency Nurla Shells
Demonym Tuti
National Animal Ladybug
National Language(s) Afrostaans
Capital City Buoley
Largest City Tika Shaaka
Leader King Zeenibo
National Religion N/A
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca
Oceanic coasts Zocuric Ocean
Population c. 7.6 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Tuurne Te Gweeatue Liihteu."
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC-11)
Calling code +722
Member of Atonement of Harmony

The Kingdom of Tutu is a small nation on the subcontinent of Aphrostan, located on Baecca. Tutu was founded in the 1940s after a group of traditionalist aphroids seceded from Watanda. In the late-1950s, it was one of the first aphroid nations to adopt the policy of communism being offered by the United Soviette Republics, and remained communist until 2003, when the Aphroid Anti-Communist League forced it to change its socioeconomic policy.

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