Undarska Research Team Massacre

HEA Operations


Aeostril II, 2054


Undarska Research Facility, Karnal Isles

  • The entire Undarska research team is killed
  • The Karnali government publicly denounces the operation and Harbitros
  • Tensions rise between the Karnal Isles and Harbitros
  • Monte Montero resigns from the HEA

Harbian Eclipse Agency

Undarska Research Team


Charles Tiller

Magdalene Abatton


Harbian Eclipse Agency

  • 1 field operative (Monte Montero)

Undarska Research Team

  • 13 researchers



 The Undarska Research Team Massacre, originally dubbed Operation Zipup by the Harbian Eclipse Agency, was a botched mission initiated by the Harbian Eclipse Agency and carried out by field operative Monte Montero. However, the intel that was given to the HEA was incorrect, and thus the entire operation was a mistake.

The Operation

On Brezniik XXVII, 2054, the Harbian Eclipse Agency gained information that a group of scientists located in a remote region in the islandic nation of the Karnal Isles was researching a new form of biological warfare and had made great strides in their progress. Substantial evidence was also given to the HEA as clarification, and thus Charles Tiller sent Monte Montero -- one of the agency's best field operatives -- to carry out the task of eliminating the Karnali scientists and bring back all of their findings.

On Aeostril I, Monte was flown into the Karnal Isles and journeyed to where the remote research facility was. After staking out the area, he entered the facility. Upon discovering a flaw in the ventilation system -- as he navigated through it -- he found a pipeworks room and rerouted a toxic gas pipe to the ventilation system for the research sections of the facility, so that the operation did not have to become bloody. 

Upon waiting in the pipeworks room for half an hour, Monte exited and found where the researchers had been -- and all of them had asphyxiated due to the noxious gas. However, upon going through their findings, Monte was horrified in what he found. The Undarska Research Team had been researching ways to cure cancer through experimentation with plants, and the toxic gas that had been present in the facility was a way of infecting plants with floral-based cancer cells -- toxic to humans.

With no true evidence of any destructive intentions with the special mixture of gas, Monte gravely informed the HEA that the operation had cost the lives of 13 innocent researchers. Montero flew back to Harbitros the next day. Upon returning on Aeostril IV, Monte Montero resigned from the Harbian Eclipse Agency and went on a low profile.

When Karnali government officials discovered the HEA's presence in the deaths of the Undarska research team, the nation publicly denounced their actions, and the entire Corporatocracy. This would later cause tensions between the two nations.

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