Uradas Unicorns
Vaeulian Unicorns
Date established 1966
Team colours ColourGoldishColourGreenishColourTrueWhite
Nicknames Vaeulian Unicorns, Uradas Lucky Horses, Unicorns of Luck
Sport Baseball
Stadium Buchanan Ballpark
League affiliations Vaeulian Baseball League, Vayzul Baseball Competition, Cesian Baseball League
Owner(s) Unicorns Commission Organization
Manager Lenardas Figgler
 The Uradas Unicorns, also known as the Vaeulian Unicorns, is a Vaeulian baseball team famously known for their good fotune during baseball games. Whereas they may not always win, their games are full of lucky coincidences. They are also one of the teams that play in the Cesian Baseball League.

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