Uriah v013 Lightning Gun
Energy gun
Basic information
Type Electric-based pistol
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 1850-1894
Used by Eularbian Commonwealth
Production history
Designer Robert Uriah
Designed 1843-1850
Manufacturer Uriah Electricity Co.
Number Built est. 108,700

The Uriah v013 Lightning Gun, commonly abbreviated as the Uriah-13, is a rustic energy-based firearm invented by electric pioneer and technocrat Robert Uriah from 1843-1850. The only known usage of the weapon were within the borders of the Eularbian Commonwealth; the early energy weapon was also used by the Eularbian military. Due to its libertine design, it could be very dangerous if not used or handled properly, and was ultimately discontinued in 1894, when new, more concentrated styles of firearms were beginning to take shape. 

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