Vaar-'da-Du Zer'kiar
Date of birth Sepreindus XXIV, 1988
Date of death Hallowtempora XX, 2065
Nationality Lishta Azia Flag New Lishta
Family Arro Ti (Second Cousin)
Mishtii (Alseb) Zer'kiar (Wife)
Place of residence Zanna, Lishta Azia
Tysre, Nira
Occupation(s) Lishta Prince, Commander of the Ayrkes Emancipation Forces
Yearly income est. $896 million
Religion Uwshaism
Gender Male
Race Azian
Height 1.71 meters
Hair colour Black
Handedness Right-handed
 Vaar'da-Du Zer'kiar -- commonly nicknamed Vardadu -- is a Lishtan prince and infamous commander of the Ayrkes Emancipation Forces (AEF). Due to his blood relation to the king of Lishta Azia -- Arro Ti -- and his immense wealth, he is well-known across Junope. Since the late 2030s, he has also been known for his leadership and financial aid for AEF. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $20 billion, as of the late 2040s. 

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