Vadrean Armed Forces

Truth - a Documentary on Why the Vadreans Continue to Dehydrate During the Summer

General Information
Service Branches

•Vadrean Military

•Vadrean Navy

•Vadrean Air Force

Headquarters Psunion City, Vadrea
Motto "Strive for victory."
Budget $7.9 billion (as of 2085)
Grand Field Marshal Kevin Greiser (2072-)
Defense Marshal Dave Mere (2072-)
Grand Admiral Olivia Gessens (2073-)
Operations Manager Mark Drosser (2083-)
Military age 15 for voluntary service, 18 for compulsory service (applicable only to eligible males). Maximum age of enlistment is 65 for the Vadrean Military, 70 Vadrean Navy, 40 for the Vadrean Air Force.
Active personnel 272,879
Reserve personnel 64,235
History TBA

The Vadrean Armed Forces is the military of Vadrea, being composed of approximately 270,000 active soldiers, though the majority of them act as security, and coastguards.

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