Vaella Complex


Established 1975
Location Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Type Art museum, history museum, culture museum, war memorial, government headquarters, Concordian landmark
Visitors 2,848,708 (in 2084)
Structures Vaella Headquarters, Corson Centre, War Remembrance Building

The Vaella Complex is a large lot owned by the Stratocracy of Domi Concordia, located in Vinylla City, that hosts the government's headquarters, as well as a culture & art museum and a history and war museum. Its construction was finished in 1975, after the project was started by Donald Rel Dey's orders. The Vaella Complex was partially designed by the famous Harbian modernist architect, Harry Arroskant. 


Vaella Headquarters

The largest structure in the Vaella Complex, as well as the most significant, is the Vaella Headquarters -- a multistory structure used by the Concordian Stratocracy as their headquarters. The building allows tours, but only through specific sections of its interior. 

Corson Centre

The Corson Centre is a culture and art museum to the left of the Vaella Headquarters. It houses a large array of various art, literature, music, plays, movies, and other cultural and art mediums significant to Domi Concorida. It also houses the original founding documents of Domi Concordia written by early Concordians Christopher Freeman, Quentin Arkeise, and Clayton DesMulle. The museum also contains a large food court, and is the location of the 2015 Vaella Shootout

War Remembrance Building

The War Remembrance Building is a war memorial and a history museum dedicated to the vast history of Domi Concordia, the geopolitical region of Concord, and surrounding geography.

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