Valley of the Old Kings

Valley of the Old Kings

Constructed c. -390
Location The Viscera, Domi Concordia
Type Cultural site

The Valley of the Old Kings is a large cultural landmark in the eastern Viscera, in the nation of Domi Concordia. Archaeologists that it was constructed by Zabaeccans sometime around -390. It was created as a memorial site in burying dead rulers of Zabaecca, and other culturally and religiously significant individuals. Parts of the Valley were damaged around 1050 during the Avarice Crusades, when a largescale battle was waged between the Zabaeccans and Zeiifundites. In the late 1800s, Concordian archaeologists began inspecting and excavating the weathered state to find parts of the landmark never before seen, such as hidden entrances into tombs and temples. In 1932, the Valley of the Old Kings was declared a national landmark and culturally significant location by Domi Concordia.

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