Varlynne-Lionel Motor Company


Basic Information
Type Multinational corporation
Industry Automotive
Parent Varlynne Group
Founded 1982
Founder(s) Theodore Varlynne, Jacen Lionel
Headquarters Royal Royce, West Psaunder, Harbitros
Area served Mainly Harbitros; Domi Concordia, San Locura, Gecko
Key individuals •Pheldas Varlynne (President)

•Susanna Borsa (CEO)

•Tina Layse (Chairwoman)

•Ringo Pyken (Representative)

Products Automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, Automotive parts
Services Automotive finance, vehicle leasing, vehicle service, vehicle repairs
Revenue c. $49.1 billion (as of 2090)
Number of employees 142,723 (as of 2085)
Website www.varlynne-lionel.var/

Varlynne-Lionel, formally the Varlynne-Lionel Motor Company, is one of Harbitros' largest car manufacturers. It was originally two separate automotive companies -- Varlynne Automobile Manufacturing and Lionel Motor Company. In 1982, Theodore Varlynne and Jacen Lionel signed in agreement to a merger of their two companies. In the same year, the Varlynne Group conglomerate was founded, and Varlynne Mining Corporation and Varlynne-Lionel were its first two subsidiaries.

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