Varlynne Group

Varlynne Umbrella

Basic Information
Type Conglomerate
Industry conglomerate
Founded 1982
Founder(s) Theodore Varlynne
Headquarters Raleigh, Arcadia, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals •Ronald Varlynne (President)

•Mackenzie Varlynne (CEO)

•Charles Varlynne (Chairman)

•Pheldas Varlynne (Representative)

Revenue c. $8.19 trillion (as of 2090)
Subsidiaries Jolie Cosmetics, Varlynne Foundation, Varlynne-Lionel Motor Company, Varlynne Mining, Zevus Solutions
Website www.varlynne.var/

The Varlynne Group is a massive Harbian conglomerate founded by Theodore Varlynne in 1982, when he wanted to organize his leadership of the Varlynne Mining Corporation and the Varlynne-Lionel Motor Company. As time progessed, more companies became subsidized by the conglomerate -- such as Jolie Cosmetics and Zevus Solutions. 

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