Varlynne Mining

Varlynne MC

Basic Information
Type International corporation
Industry Mining
Parent Varlynne Group
Founded 1925
Founder(s) John Varlynne
Headquarters Raleigh, Arcadia, Harbitros
Area served Worldwide
Key individuals •Ronald Varlynne (President)

•Pheldas Varlynne (CEO)

Products Gold, silver, platinum, iron, lead, zinc, esponium, jewelry stones, industrial stones, coal, natural gas, petroleum
Services Mining, drilling
Revenue c. $1.36 trillion (as of 2085)
Number of employees 245,297 (as of 2085)
Website www.varlynne-mining.var/

Varlynne Mining, formally the Varlynne Mining Corporation, is one of the world's most wealthy and efficient mining corporations. It was originally founded in 1925 by the wealthy Harbian industrialist and entrepreneur John Varlynne. John died in 1974, and was succeeded by his son -- Theodore Varlynne. It became subsidized into the Varlynne Group in 1982. After acting as the corporation's president for many decades, Theodore resigned and was succeeded by his own son Ronald Varlynne in 2043. In the early 2050s, Ronald began pushing for innovation and change in the mining industry by asking permission for Varlynne Mining and his competitors to begin mining in space, as well as eventually on the Moon. The Corporatocracy, in 2052, gave permission to all Harbian corporations to begin mining in space; it also initiated the Moon Betterment Project, which Varlynne Mining Corporation joined in order to speed the process along.

Since 2065, when the first space-capable jet was manufactured, the Varlynne Mining Corporation has been mobilizing to and fro the Moon in its efforts to aid the Moon Betterment Project in terraforming.

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