Vecarviir LM-7
Basic information
Type Sniper rifle
Place of origin Vorennta
In service 2009-present
Used by Vorennta, Caesus, Kasta, Moira,Eresa, Zenesia, Gahnia, Jim, Zeiifunder, New Vaeulia, Domi Concordia, Gecko, Callova, Harbitros
Production history
Designer Donny Aelfurr
Designed 2004-2009
Manufacturer Voren Corp.
Number Built est. 18.3 million

The Vecarvirr LM-7 is a Vorenntan luxury sniper rifle mass-produced by Voren Corp. The sniper rifle is popular among wealthy individuals who have an affinity for hunting or gun collecting, but several militaries also incorporate the Vecarviir into their arsenal, such as Vorennta's own military.

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