Vice Ridge

Vice Ridge

General Information
Constructed Junith III, 1911
Classification Megacity
Districts Gambit Heights, Highroll, Triumph, Chastity, Downtown Stretch, Old Ridge
Location Information
Country Harbitros
Demesne Winsch
Notable locations

•The Promenade

•Gold Row

•Ataraxia Plaza

•Bedlam Tower

•Tumult Square

•Shrine of Fortune

•Vice Ridge University

•Wild Card Studios

•Ricasque Luxury Centre

•Accueil du Luxe

•Paradice Casino and Resort

•Vice Lake

•Starry Avenue

•Fortuna del Padre

Societal Information
Population c. 31.8  million (as of 2085)
Demonym Vicite

Vice Ridge, sometimes called the Neon City, is a major Harbian city in the demesne of Winsch. As of 2082, it is the second largest city in the Corporatocracy of Harbitros. It is known as the Junope's capital for casinos and gambling. It was founded during the Eularbian Frontier, and was quickly populated by western charlatans, outlaws, and gamblers. The original denizens of the city molded its future industry, culture, and reputation. One of the most notable locations in Vice Ridge is the Promenade, which is where most of the city's casinos, hotels, and tourist attractions are located. Several notable casino resorts are Bedlam Tower, the Shrine of Fortune, Ricasque Luxury Centre, Accueil du Luxe, Paradice Casino and Resort, and Fortuna del Padre.

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