Victor Strantin
Date of birth Solmonath II, 1874
Date of death Sepreindus XVI, 1953
Nationality Soviette Eulumia Flag Soviette
Place of residence Constellium, Eulumia
Occupation(s) Chairman of the United Soviette Republics
Religion Atheist
Gender Male
Race Larusian
Height 1.61 meters
Hair colour Black
Blood type B-
 Victor Strantin was the successor of Theresa Vargarette as the second Chairman of the United Soviette Republics. Strantin ruled the USR from 1935 to 1953 where his untimely death caused by a heart attack took his life. He was found hours after his death, and he was buried in the Memorium of Soviette Grandeur in the North Wing in Constellium, Eulumia.

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