Vigil-D3 CPU

AI tankdrone thing

Basic Information
Type Military-grade advanced AI combat drone
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 2018-2049
Used by Harbitros, Domi Concordia, Vorennta, Amdova, Lishta Azia, Jim, Isteroxian Union, Espinthela, New Vaeulia
Production History
Designed 2014-2017
Manufacturer Ekaj Autonetics International
Number built 232,081 (by 2049)

The Vigil Drone Mark III Cognizant Protocol Unit (abbreviated as V-D3 CPU and commonly referred to as the Vigil-D3 Cognizant Protocol Unit, Vigil CPU, Vigil V3, and simply Vigil) is a military-grade combat drone with an advanced artificial intelligence designed and produced by Ekaj Autonetics International. Due to its dangerous nature, it is only available to sovereign state militaries. Likewise, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros only offers the Vigil-D3 CPU on a friendly market. 

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