Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe


Viktoria Smythe


Viktoria Baby 1

Date of birth Aeostril XXII, 2052
Nationality Concordian Flag Concordian
Family Alexander Dunwall (Father)
Laezander Smythe (Mother)
Place of residence Vinylla City, Domi Concordia
Occupation(s) Embattled Governess of Domi Concordia
Yearly income est. $105 million (as of 2120)
Gender Female
Race Friivian
Height 1.7 meters
Hair colour Blonde
Handedness Ambidextrous

Viktoria Dunwall-Smythe was the daughter of Alexander Dunwall and Laezander Smythe. During her childhood, she was revered by both her parents and other military leaders as a prodigy in academics as well as military affairs. However, Alexander soon noticed that his daughter seemed emotionally underveloped and in some ways even devoid of remorse or conscience. To better hone her aptitude for strategy and leadership, Alexander enrolled Viktoria into Concord's most premier highschool. In 2069, she graduated at the top of her class. Though her teachers complimented her expertise and high intelligence, they also complained to her parents about a lack of emotion and somewhat of a superiority complex. In 2070, Viktoria entered the Concordian Armed Forces via the Paracorps Branch. 

In 2075, Alexander Dunwall was presumably killed in an explosion during the Concordian-Primondian War. Due to the system of leadership in Concordia, Viktoria was destined to become Concordia's new leader. She took her place as the first female leader of Domi Concordia -- the Embattled Governess of Domi Concordia. After completing the war her father started, Viktoria began comissions for the creation of new Concordian war machines.

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