Celestial Information
Sun(s) The Aubade Twins (Baratheas & Cilia)
Satellites None
Rotation approx. 35 hours 2 minutes
Revolution period approx. 267.34 years
Physical Information
Diameter 5,054 kilometers
Surface area 80,211,988 sq. km
Atmosphere composition by volume 78.89% nitrogen

12.2% methane
8.86% oxygen
0.05% carbon dioxide
0.0001% ethane

Surface gravity 4.01 m/s^2

The planet of Virilis is the seventeenth and final in the Aubade System. It is a binary planet that shares an orbit with Estros. Also like its mutual orbit, Virilis is a cold desert planet. Along its surface are many deep and far-reaching ravines and canyons -- though this remains partially unanswered as Virilis has no known continents or tectonic plates. Its name derives from the Zabaeccan god of paternity, testosterone, and fatherhood.

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