Virisan Bellator


Basic Information
Manufacturer Beasts of War Initiative
Used by Domi Concordia
Type Airborne biotech lifeform; VTOL
Production 2071-present
Number built 46 (as of 2085)

The Virisan Bellator, classified as Specimen-W002, is a bio-engineered war machine created by the Beasts of War Initiative. It is the second biotech lifeform created in history, succeeding the praelian stalker. Unlike its predecessor, however, the virisan bellator is airborne and was designed to act as an organic gunship. The creature uses similar strands of DNA from the praelian stalker -- mainly to form its durable shell. Besides that, it utilizes new DNA strands from other species -- most notably being from mosquitoes. The actual artillery barrel of the lifeform is its mosquitoesque mouthpiece.

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