Vorenntan Armed Forces

Vorennntan Training OP with GVTB-7

General Information
Service Branches •Vorenntan Exercitus

•District Marine Corps

•Vorenntan Navy

•Vorenntan Air Defense Forces

•Vorenntan Coast Guard

Headquarters TBD, Loupa, Vorennta
Motto "Pride in man, not machine"
Budget $704 billion (as of 2085)
Commander-in-Chief Johnathan Cyneric (2070-)
Secretary of War
Military age 17 for voluntary service, 19 for compulsory service. Maximum age for enlistment is 30 for the Vorenntan Exercitus, 21 for the District Marine Corps, 35 for the Vorenntan Navy, 30 for the Vorenntan Air Defense Force, and 54 for the Vorenntan Coast Guard
Active personnel 1,383,170
Reserve personnel 5,001,652
History •Cold War (1941-1991)

•Global War on Terror (2009-2054)

•Cadarian Upheaval (2040-2052)

•New Year's Eve Conflict (2051-2052)

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