The War in Olfros, commonly referred to as the Civil War of Olfros and the Great Olfriti Fray, was a large-scale war against the communist-turned Olfros regime by rebels from 1992 to 2002.

The War in Olfros
Olfriti War

Cold War





  • Decisive rebel victory
  • Communism falls in Olfros
  • Over a million innocent die from starvation, drought, and democide
  • Thousands of children are displaced
  • Military leaders on both sides are investigated for war crimes

Communist Forces

  • Olfros
  • Watanda
  • Jelunia (first years only)


  • Tutu
  • Zujan
  • Cadarus


  • Olfriti Recalcitrance Movement
  • Jambo-Kapetuuliizt Party Calvary


  • Domi Concordia (black ops only)
  • Zenesia
  • Oreypt
  • Aphroid Anti-Communist League
  • Ganya Qedusizi
  • Sanele Umzuzu
  • Kgomotso
  • Philipp Jerjeu
  • Andre Dersh
  • Maka Andi
  • Petera Fornua
  • Uniki Tidee
  • Darien Cilliad
  • Tyrone Kershki
  • Roq Touh

Olfriti Grand Military

  • 280,000 infantrymen
  • 365 tanks
  • 600 aircraft
  • 29 war vessels

Watandi Forces

  • 57,500 infantrymen
  • 33 tanks
  • 75 aircraft
  • 5 war vessels

Jelunian Forces

  • 16,750 infantrymen
  • 150 tanks
  • 300 aircraft
  • 35 war vessels


  • 11,000 infantrymen
  • 5 tanks
  • 2 war vessels


  • 1,500 infantrymen
  • 4 war vessels


  • 3 war vessels

Olfriti Recalcitrance Movement

  • 97,190 infantrymen
  • 34 tanks
  • 89 aircraft
  • 13 war vessels

Jambo-Kapetuulizt Party Calvary

  • 12,350 infantrymen
  • 25 tanks
  • 15 aircraft
  • 2 war vessels

Domi Concordia

  • c. 70 black ops commandos
  • c. 5 special operatives


  • 3,800 infantrymen
  • 20 tanks
  • 7 aircraft
  • 1 war vessel


  • 30 aircraft
  • 1 war vessel

Aphroid Anti-Communist League

  • 47,900 infantrymen
  • 35 tanks
  • 45 aircraft
  • 5 war vessels

est. 789,500

  • Mostly civilians from starvation, drought, and democide

est. 823,780

  • Mostly civilians from starvation, drought, and execution

The War

Years of small firefights, acts of terror, and sabotage by the Olfriti Recalcitrance Movement against the communist government of Olfros finally escalated to a largescale battle in 1992, regarding an Olfriti military installation outside of the large oil-producing city of Djabotu. The rebels successfully captured the military base and made use of the weaponry and supplies, declaring that the city had been liberated and sparking the War in Olfros. This sudden action caught the attention of the Aphroid Anti-Communist League, and a legion was immediately sent, with smuggled weapons and supplies. Meanwhile, the communist government of Jelunia financially supplied the Olfros regime as well as backed it with military manpower. In 1995, Jelunia's government was overthrown by a military coup, and so their support and aid to the regime subsequently ceased. The war took a sudden turn after Jelunia's withdrawal, with the rebellion capturing a web of cities near the southeast of Olfros, immediately inspiring the contiguous nation of Zenesia to aid them in the war against communist Olfros, as well as to spite its adversary, Watanda. Domi Concordia also aided the rebels, secretly supplying them with highly volatile, military-grade weaponry as well as information and strategy plans from Concordian black operations in Olfros. Several more years of the war passed, when the defeat of the regime became recognized: In 1999, the capital of Olfros, Yongu, fell to the Recalcitrance. Most of the members of the communist regime were captured, and consequently executed publicly. Loyalists and communists tried to keep the war going, but in 2000 most of all opposition had been snuffed.