The War of Soviette Succession was a large-scale war on Isteroxe in the mid-1920s, which led to massive spread of communism across the continent.

War of Soviette Succession

The Spread of Communism on Isteroxe





  • Decisive Communist victory
  • Cereus, Roulasvia, the Virago States, and Kharut are annexed by Soviette Eulumia
  • Soviette Eulumia's influence is spread across Isteroxe

Soviette Eulumia


  • Cerean Army


  • Roulasvian Military

Virago Alliance

  • Esaronian Royal Army
  • Zercian Defense Force
  • Canteran Military


  • Kharuti Armed Forces
  • Theresa Vargarette
  • Jackal Debbenstaya
  • Rogerio Schilles
  • Otto Sarolta
  • Luski Prado
  • Sizosa Rosa
  • Henrik Bottiles

Soviette Eulumia

  • 200,000 infantrymen
  • 1,250 tanks
  • 750 aircraft
  • 250 war vessels

Cerean Army

  • 27,500
  • 75 tanks
  • 72 aircraft
  • 17 war vessels

Roulasvian Military

  • 47,900 infantrymen
  • 87 tanks
  • 177 aircraft

Virago State Alliance

  • 105,000 infantrymen
  • 33 tanks
  • est. 100 aircraft
  • 44 war vessels

Kharuti Armed Forces

  • 17,750 infantrymen
  • 15 tanks
  • est. 40 aircraft


est. 40,750

The War

in mid-1924, Soviette Eulumia mobilized a large battalion of tanks and soldiers into southern Cereus and declared annexation. The abrupt and unorthodox action by Eulumia triggered nationwide confusion and anger. More battalions followed within a week, and occupied the Cerean capital city Delzayla. The nearby nations of Roulasvia and Kharut sided with the assaulted Cereus and threatened to attack if Eulumia continued its campaigns. Almost simultaneous with the warning, Soviette tanks began to blast asunder buildings and installations throughout many Cerean cities, causing large amounts of destruction. A huge legion of Eulumian infantry then quickly traveled to Roulasvia and began annexing the nation, as well. To the south, the various Virago States allied together and declared war on Eulumia and attacked several border cities. In retaliation, Soviette Eulumia sent tanks across the border to return the damage inflicted upon the cities -- squadrons of aeroplanes were also scrambled and bombed several allied forts and military bases. The first nation to fall was Cereus, in late-1924. In mid-1925, Roulasvia surrendered and was entirely annexed by the assailants. Several months later, Kharut was also begrudingly annexed. In late-1926, the Virago State Alliance fell to Soviette forces and were forced to join Eulumia, thus founding the United Soviette Republics.