Population 264.11 million (5th, as of 2085)
Demonym Weiosayan
Countries Drushia, Primondia
Time zones (UTC+5 to +6)

Weiosaya is a small continent north of Isteroxe and northwest of Avarice. It is the homeland to the Drushian ethnicity and formerly nationality, but was annexed by Eularbia in the 1800s. When Eularbia diverged in 1919, Drushia was reinstated and remained sovereign until the late-1940s, when Soviette Eulumia began to influence the northern half of the continent. In retaliation, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros influenced the southern half. In the early 1950s, Drushia split into North Drushia and South Drushia -- the former being communist and the latter being capitalist. In 1969, Harbian land on the southeastern landmasses bought its independence from the Corporatocracy, founding Primondia. In the early 2000s, the two halves rejoined as one nation, when communism began to fail in North Drushia. The sovereign state remained relatively undisturbed until the late 2030s, when Domi Concordia and Primondia waged war on the nation, heavily crippling it. A year later, Domi Concordia and Primondia invaded Drushia and after several weeks of fighting, the nation was annexed by Domi Concordia and Primondia.