XB-81 Tau Accelerator
Basic information
Type Experimental, handheld tau particle accelerator
Place of origin Harbitros
In service 2081 to 2111
Used by Harbian Eclipse Agency
Production history
Designer Project Prismbeam
Designed 2077 to 2111
Manufacturer Casanovus Incorporated
Number Built 3 (by 2111)
 The XB-81 Tau Accelerator (Experimental Beam 2081 Tau Accelerator), also known as simply the Tau Accelerator and Tau Cannon, is a highly experimental and advanced handheld particle accelerator. It specializes in accelerating tau particles forward. It is similar to that of a lightning gun, except it is far more potent and effective, due to the properties of a tau compared to an electron. It was created by Project Prismbeam with the help of Casanovus Incorporated.

In 2083, the tau cannon was tested during Operation Black Deluge and was used against Eor Stragsden, Glade Sunderval, and Brett Colgreave. However, it was destroyed from being in its own proximity when its beam struck Colgreave. After its destruction and successful test run, Project Prismbeam and Casanovus Incorporated made plans to create more.

A second one, with several minor improvements, was finished in 2085. After testing the second one, a third one was built in 2096. However, at the same time, a successive model was being designed by Project Prismbeam -- the XB-111 Tau Accelerator. It was officially completed in 2111, and a dozen original models were produced and circulated through the Harbian Eclipse Agency and Fuerzas Armadas Larusianas.

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