Yeti warming

Kingdom Animalia
Species H. villosus
Subspecies H. v. boreus
Indigenous to Great Timberlands, Hyperbea

Yetis, also known as the abominable snowmen -- and scientifically Homo villosus boreus, are a species of sapient humanoids native to the Great Timberlands on the continent of Hyperbea. The first sighting of a yeti occurred in the 1886, when a Eularbian pioneer sighted a large white creature on the horizon. His sighting was documented in a journal. Since that event, the true existence of yetis was a much debated topic in various communities around the world -- from biologists to zoologists and even government officials. Due to the sheer ambiguity of the existence of the yeti species, yetis were considered "cryptids". 

In 2078, however, the Corporatocracy of Harbitros officially confirmed the existence of yetis and declassified over 200 documents and records detailing the yetis, their anatomy, biology, and nature. It was also revealed that yetis were sapient. This revelation was made possible by the mysteriously vanished Strebor Ekaj, whom authorized the declassification for numerous documents and files. 

Such information being confirmed by the world's most powerful country rocked the foundation of Junope. Cryptzoologists and conspiracy theorists alike celebrated such an occasion. Shortly after the publication of this information, the Corporatocracy also announced that any attempt at hunting or harming yetis would be met with tremendous and lethal force.

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