Yule's Gift Incident

11:45 PM, Wintraend XXIV to 1:09 AM, Wintraend XXV, 2050


Outer Space, near Junope

  • The asteroid 2050Q4-012 "Yule's Gift" is destroyed by the Zircon Laser System
  • Remnants crash down on Junope or burn up in its atmosphere

The Yule's Gift Incident, also known as the Yule Impact, was an impact event that occurred on the night of Yule Eve in 2050. Though the asteroid in question was destroyed by Harbitros' defense system, remnants of it still entered Harbitros' atmosphere -- and either burned into nothing or crashed down across the planet. 

The Event

A large asteroid named 2050Q4-012 mysteriously appeared on space surveillance radars on Wintraend XXI, 2050. The path of the asteroid was destined to collide directly with Junope, specifically into the Dracohr Ocean. To prevent a highly possible apocalypse, Harbitros redirected all five Zircon Mirror laser satellites to target the oncoming asteroid, which would enter range approximately 11:40 PM on Yule Eve. 

Upon 11:45 PM, "Yule's Gift" entered range and the Zircon Mirror unleashed its firepower on the encroaching asteroid. Harbitros' defense system was enough to tear the asteroid asunder, though several pieces still directed themselves at Junope. The remnants either burned up in the atmosphere or eventually crashed down. Such remnants were spotted over the east and west coasts of Avarice, eastern and northwestern Isteroxe, central Baecca, and southern Azium. The meteor shower lasted until 1:09 AM, Yule Day -- concluding the Yule's Gift Incident.


Various locations in Azium, Isteroxe, and Domi Concordia were struck by Yulegift meteorites. In Azium, various meteorites struck down throughout the Adonte. Various meteorites landed in Bohtan, Thekotah, and Tieuxberia -- all either too small to damage anything, or landing in remote areas. One of the largest Yulegift meteors landed in the Viscera in Domi Concordia.

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