Zenesia Flag V2

Political Information
Classification Unitary corporate republic
Currency Zenesian credit
Demonym Zenesian
National Animal Cilian crane
National Language(s) Mor Friivish
Capital City Barathe
Largest City Arclaedra
Leader Charles Snyder
National Religion Theoavarism
Geographical Description
Continent Baecca
Borders Goreba Republic, Jim, Olfros, Ominira, Watanda
Oceanic coasts Zocuric Ocean
Population c. 56.35 million (as of 2085)
Miscellaneous Information
Motto "Hic nobis prodest"
Drives on the Left
Time zone (UTC-11)
Calling code +701
Member of •Capitalist Sanction

•Atonement of Harmony

The Corporate Republic of Zenesia is a nation on the Baeccan subcontinent of Aphrostan. Originally, Zenesia was the territory of the Eularbian East Aphrostan Company (EEAC), which was allowed complete freedom in specifically designated regions of Aphrostan whilst under Concordian apartheid. Shortly before Aphrostan's revolution against Domi Concordia, the EEAC controlled approximately 1/6 of the subcontinent. However, after the revolution, it retained control only over what is modern Zenesia. In 1911, several years after Aphrostan was freed of Apartheid, the Eularbian East Aphrostan Company officially established the Corporate Republic of Zenesia. The company then transitioned from a company into a government system. However, this newly established government was very unique, as it was almost wholly privatized. 

The surrounding Aphrostan nations held great disdain towards Zenesia, as it was a constant symbol for imperialism to them. Several times from the 1920s to the 1940s, Zenesia's neighbors attempted to invade the country, but were always defeated by the Zenesian Security Force -- the country's military force composed of several private military companies.

During the Cold War, Zenesia acted as a beacon for capitalism and freedom to the many Aphrostanis under the tyrannical rule of communism. When Jim was founded, it immediately allied itself with Zenesia, and free trade quickly began between the two countries. Communist Watanda attempted to invade Zenesia several times between the 1970s and the 1980s, but were severely beaten in the Zenesian Bush Wars.

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