Basic Information
Type Restaurant chain
Industry Restaurants, pizza
Founded 1944
Founder Alfonso Ziibesco
Headquarters Crittenden, Winsch, Harbitros
Number of locations 7,182 (as of 2085)
Area served Harbitros, Gecko
Products Pizza, Larusio-Harbian cuisine, Zeiifundite-Harbian cuisine, buffalo hot wings
Services Food delivery
Number of employees 282,300 (as of 2085)

Ziibesco's is a Harbian pizza chain restaurant company founded in the 1940s by Larusio-Friivian Alfonso Ziibesco, when he fled from Isterox during the spread of communism. He founded a small pizza restaurant in Crittenden, Winsch. Eventually his restaurant became successful enough to allow him to create a small chain of associated restaurants in other cities. This would eventually lead to Ziibesco's being one of Harbitros' largest restaurant chains in the modern era. 

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